60th Venice Art Biennale – Outsider Project

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According to the most authoritative online etymological dictionary of the English language – etymonline.com – outsider is a word that has been circulating since the 1800s with this meaning: “one who is on the outside” of a boundary, barrier, etc.

Again according to the prestigious etymological dictionary, the root of outsider is the word “outside” (from out + side).

Outsider therefore is someone or something “outside, to the side.”

In Foreigners Everywhere, a title borrowed from the 60th Venice Art Biennale, the word outsider denotes a project “outside, to the side” with respect to the famous exhibition event.

The project consists of four parts:

        1. The Non-place as Home
        2. The Loneliness of the Avatars
        3. My Name is Arthur Cravan
        4. 10 Seconds

Outsider Project Venice Biennale