My Name is Arthur Cravan

versione italiana

I was born in Lausanne, Switzerland.
I studied at a military academy, but I was expelled after having slapped a teacher.
Later on, to avoid being drafted for military service, I traveled around Europe and America using different identities at the same time, with the relative forged documents.
After years of being a vagabond, I moved to France, where I began a career as a professional boxer.
Currently I’m wandering about the Gulf of Mexico on a small sailboat, without a destination.

Professional experience:
Sailor of the Pacific
Snake charmer
Orange picker in California
Hotel thief
Nephew of Oscar Wilde
Forest lumberjack
Boxer in France
Chauffeur in Berlin
Grandson of the queen’s chancellor…

My name is Arthur Cravan
Citizen of 20 countries
Foreigner everywhere


My Name is Arthur Cravan by Dario Quaranta Neropop